Enhancing Teacher Education through Core Reflection and the ALACT Model
Enhancing Teacher Education through Core Reflection and the ALACT Model

In the town of Lingen, Germany, at the Ludwig-Windthorst-Haus, project partner gathered for a 2-day workshop led by Prof. Fred Korthagen. This workshop, as part of the kick-off meeting in October 2022 of the Erasmus+ KA2 Project "iREFLECT!", focused on the application of Core Reflection and the ALACT model in teacher education.

Prof. Korthagen, renowned for his work in educational psychology, introduced the concept of Core Reflection as a tool for educators to explore their inner qualities and beliefs. This approach integrates personal and professional development, highlighting the impact of educators' core qualities on their teaching methods and student interactions.

A crucial component of the workshop was the introduction to the ALACT model, an acronym for the steps in a cycle of continuous learning and improvement: Action, Looking back on the action, Awareness of essential aspects, Creating alternative methods of action, and Trial. This model serves as a framework for reflective practice, guiding teachers through a process of introspection and action-oriented learning​​.

It distinguishes between two types of reflection: action-oriented and meaning-oriented. Action-oriented reflection focuses on practical changes and improvements in teaching methods, while meaning-oriented reflection explores into a deeper understanding of the educational process, fostering a deeper understanding of teaching.

The workshop demonstrated that Core Reflection, coupled with the ALACT model, provides a great tool for educators. It encourages them to reflect on their actions and underlying beliefs, leading to meaningful professional growth and enhanced teaching practices. This way educators can develop a more holistic and effective approach to their profession, benefiting themselves and their students.

For more information on Prof. Korthagen's work and the Core Reflection approach, visit and iREFLECT.

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