What is the purpose of reflection?


Education is more than just imparting knowledge. Education is a dynamic process that involves constant growth, adaptation and development. Therefore, reflective skills are a central element in the training and further education of teachers - also in the sense of lifelong learning. The demand from A. Schleicher (Director OECD) from 2018 can therefore be transferred to teachers: “Education is no longer just about teaching learners something; “It’s more about enabling them to develop a reliable compass and navigation tools so they can increasingly find their way.”

Reflection is a person-centered process in which one's own insights and options for action are revealed in a non-judgmental and solution-oriented manner. Through resource orientation and (self-)reflection, solution strategies can be developed using various methods and tools. Reflection promotes lifelong learning and adaptation to changing conditions. Reflection is therefore the key to increased professionalism at work and at the same time your own well-being is positively influenced.

t do I need to reflect?