What target groups does iREFLECT have?


The iREFLECT project is aimed at all people who work in the education sector: teachers, school management, school social workers, university teachers, trainers in the second phase of teacher training, education managers/school developers who initiate and/or development processes in the education sector want to support. The methods and tools developed in the iREFLECT project enable a conscious and targeted examination of educational processes in order to gain deeper insights and develop solution strategies. Reflection is the key to a clear self-concept as a reflective practitioner.

In order to initiate these reflection processes, the toolbox contains methods at different levels:

• Professional self-image = reflection in the area of personal resources, motivations and visions

• Lessons/seminar/training = reflection in the area of designing learning processes

• School, seminar, institution = reflection as part of organizational development

t do I need to reflect?