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iREFLECT! initiates the discourse on contemporary teacher training and further education and it is achieved through the combination of the Reflection instrument and presentation of central content on the subject of reflexivity. It is an innovative approach also in terms of focus on lifelong learning for all phases of teacher education. So, the iREFLECT! goal is the Professionalization of teachers and prospective teachers by expanding their reflection skills to expand their own practice.

Project coordinator



A great ToolKit with handouts and a set of cards in which all reflective methods and content are translated into the project languages and English. For accessibility all content and methods additionally visualized.


Introducing the team behind the project!

With the fusion of the Reflection instrument and comprehensive discourse on reflexivity, our innovative approach aims to professionalize teachers and prospective educators by expanding their reflection skills, empowering them to grow beyond their own practice.

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Jens Koslowsky

Jens holds a Master's degree in History and Geography as well as a Master of European Studies. Since September 2021, he has been the Coordinator for International Programs at DSA and is tasked with promoting the school's international activities and coordinating their content in consultation with the school's management. 

He is an experienced EU project manager with a particular focus on school education and teacher training. 

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Dragan Šupe

Dragan is an educational project managament specialist from Split. 

He has coordinated numerous international projects in education, one of them being the establishment of the Teacher Training Centre of the Center of Excellence in Split. 

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Judith Hilmes

Judith Hilmes is a trained teacher, education manager M.A., coach, learning coach and speaker in teacher education. Through her many years of professional activities at school, university and in adult education, she has amassed extensive knowledge in the field of school education and also conveys this knowledge in various further training courses. 

Christian Wunner

Christian has been a teacher of History and German at Annette von Droste Hülshoff Gymnasium in Düsseldorf since 2009 and has worked for many years at ZfsL Krefeld in teacher training and as a media consultant. He has repeatedly dealt with processes of reflection on the professional role of the teacher, particularly through interdisciplinary teacher training.

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Pauliina Kanervo

Ms. Pauliina Kanervo (Master of Arts, German and English philology) works as the Quality Manager and Head of Advisory Teachers in the Educational and Cultural Services of Oulu. 

She is in charge of the quality work, teachers’ in-service training, curriculum work, language program work, and international projects and cooperation. On top of that, Paulina is also an avid thriathlete.

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Ingo Klüsserath

Ingo has been a teacher of social sciences and philosophy at the Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium in Dülken since 2006.

He also works as a specialist seminar leader in teacher training in social sciences in the Krefeld area.

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Dirk Paul Hofmann

Dirk is a research assistant at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Valladolid and a teacher for special tasks at the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences. He teaches and researches in the field of German as a foreign language.

He also works in the area of teacher training and teacher training and supervises bachelor's and master's theses on this topic.

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Gunter Fischer

Gunter Fischer was a school principal for many years and thus significantly involved in the training of students (practical semester 1st phase teacher training), in the teacher traineeship (2nd phase teacher training) and member of the NRW competence team (teacher training 3rd phase teacher training). 

He also has a lot of experience in teacher training, as a school development consultant and as a moderator.

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Maikki Manninen

 Maikki is both a class teacher and early education and care teacher. Her expertise lies, eg., in ICT and STEAM education at the primary and secondary levels. 

She is experienced in development projects funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education, eg., on innovative learning environments.

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Thorsten Obel

Thorsten is a qualified teacher of German and social sciences. He was an instructor in teacher training for the subject of social sciences and worked in interdisciplinary training. Thorsten is now head of the seminar for the second practical phase of teacher training in Krefeld. 

His work there continues to focus on the further development of teacher training.