Training day in Krefeld
Training day in Krefeld

Dear Diary,

Today the entire project team was a guest at the Center for Teacher Training in Krefeld. There we took part in the internal training day and were able to present our project ideas in various workshops. Christian and Ingo have already multiplied the first results from our work, namely working with picture cards and using Korthagen's ALACT model for debriefings, which was very well received by our colleagues.

It became clear that the colleagues working in the second phase of teacher training consider the importance of reflection processes to be important and are already initiating reflection processes in a structured manner at many points within the training and will be paying even more attention to this in the future as part of the new training regulations will take. In this respect, our ideas fit well with the future direction at ZfsL Krefeld, which confirmed and encouraged us in our work on the ireflect project to continue working on tools for various occasions and training situations.

An intensive day in exchange with the teacher trainers from the Krefeld seminar!


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