Learning activity 4 in Split
Learning activity 4 in Split

The fourth learning activity within the Erasmus project iReflect was held from April 8 to 11, 2024 in Split. The meeting was hosted by the SDŽ Center of Excellence.

At the meeting, we exchanged experiences and ideas related to work methodologies within the project and reached an agreement on continuing work with existing methods.

One of the important parts of the meeting were the workshops with our mentors from the Center of Excellence. The first one, led by Professor Josip Špika, was held at the School of Fine Arts in Split. On this occasion, we considered various design aspects and developed guidelines for improving the visual identity of the project. Important notes included the use of certain colors, the contrast of the text on the background, and the size of the font for better readability. The second was led by our mentor of young roboticists, Dr. John Rogošić, but this time not about robots. Namely, John shared with us his extensive experience in so-called "design thinking". The workshop and visit to Split International School in Dugopolje was a real hit.

During the meeting, we analyzed the previous proposals for the design of methodological cards and determined further steps for their improvement. We also discussed the necessary material for the tools within the "methodological box" and defined tasks and deadlines for their creation and translation into different languages.

The meeting was concluded with clear plans for further work within the project. The responsibilities of each team member are defined and clear deadlines are set for the next steps. Plans for future meetings and activities within the project were also agreed upon.

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