Exploring Reflection in Teaching: Insights from iREFLECT!
Exploring Reflection in Teaching: Insights from iREFLECT!

The iREFLECT project delves into the realm of teacher training and education, exploring the role of reflection.  One of our first activities was to do several structured interviews per partner to understand how reflection is currently integrated into educators' routines and institutions.

The interview questions under iREFLECT navigate personal interpretations of reflection, its relevance in professional settings, and practical implications in education. 

Ultimately, iREFLECT aims to shed light on reflection's significance in teaching without exaggeration. It strives to contribute insights that can enhance teaching methodologies and foster a culture where reflective practices naturally thrive. We will talk more about the results we got from the interviews in a separate blog post.

If you would like to try the interview we did with teachers from our organisations in one of our activities- you can get it HERE.