Digital collaboration between learning activities
Digital collaboration between learning activities

What does the work between learning activities look like? Due to digital change, various tools are available to us to support us in continuing to work on our iREFLECT project. TaskCard, Miro Board, Google drive and various digital meeting tools such as MS Teams or Zoom are various options that make it easier for us to work collaboratively.
Nevertheless, we have divided the project group into two subgroups so that specific content can be worked on. While one working group develops concrete methods for our method box, the second group deals with the overarching reflection process. Regular meetings between the project coordinators ensure that the partial results fit.
Of course, we also work together in person in the project teams on site. This is where the exchange about the previous results of iREFLECT takes place with colleagues and steakholders on site, so that the feedback can be implemented into the results during the process. Because one thing is self-evident in a project like this: we also continually reflect on our results and question the needs and needs of teachers in practice at school, university and training.

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