Learning activity 2 in Oulu
Learning activity 2 in Oulu

After the project kick-off in Lingen, the second learning activity took place in Oulu. Here in the far north of Finland, we were only two hours away from the Arctic Circle. We were able to visit a school in Oulu and discuss our project goals with a school principal. At the same time, we were able to see for ourselves how positively a good learning environment affects learning. Just like the learning spaces in the schools, the conference rooms in the city of Oulu also impress with a good - also digital - infrastructure.

A questionnaire was developed between the first and second learning activities. In Oulu, we intensively discussed the needs and requirements expressed by teachers, trainees and students in the partner countries. From this, success criteria for reflexivity in pedagogical settings could be derived. Another result is the logo. The result is a logo that, in its reduced formal language, clarifies the basic idea of the project: I reflect myself by mirroring and thus intensifying my view of myself.

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