Learning activity 1 in Lingen and Krefeld
Learning activity 1 in Lingen and Krefeld

The first project meeting took place in the Ludwig-Windthorst-Haus in Lingen (Ems) and in the center for practical school training (ZfsL) in Krefeld. Professor Fred Korthagen from the University of Utrecht, a proven expert in the field of reflexivity in teacher training and further education, could be won for the theoretical introduction to the topic. This was a great win for us and a very successful start for the project. In addition to dealing with the content of our project, we were able to develop initial ideas for a project logo in Lingen, so that we will have a visible sign of our identification with the project in the future. At the political level, we were able to determine the needs and requirements with regard to the topic of reflexivity and the expected project results in a joint discussion with the 1st district council of the Emsland district, the 2nd mayor of the city of Lingen and some schoolchildren* in the region.

In Krefeld, the project team was able to take part in an internal specialist day on the topics of digitality and reflexivity at the ZfsL in Krefeld and share initial findings from working with Prof. Korthagen with the trainers. In addition, the concrete needs and requirements for the second phase of teacher training could also be discussed here. Overall, the start of the project was very intensive and enriching and the project group is looking forward to further cooperation.

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